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Issue ID Park Name Issue Category Issue Description
28 hhhhh Oil Spill test drago
27 East Park Other Erosion issues in the park
26 North park Other Leaves all over and plastic bottles too
25 Mount Davidson Park Garbage Lots of Garbage
24 Malibu Creek State Park Other Lot of vehicles parked
23 Bernal Heights Other Not Cleaned
22 Dolores Park Other Park is slippery and is very to difficult to walk on
21 Balboa Park Dumping Lots of garbage and dumping in the park
20 park1 Garbage trashhh
19 Golden Gate Park Other The park is not clean
18 Alamo Square Oil Spill Oil Spill
17 Golden Gate Park Other Park has a very bad smell coming out
16 Alamo Square Garbage Garbage in the park
15 Alamo Square Dumping Dumping in the park
14 san bruno park Nuclear Waste glowing garbage
13 Golden Gate Park Oil Spill Oil Spill all over the park.
12 Golden Gate Park Oil Spill
11 Golden Gate Park Oil Spill
10 Golden Gate Park Oil Spill
9 Golden Gate Park Oil Spill
8 Alamo Square Oil Spill tfyertfr
7 test Dumping test
6 test Dumping
5 test Oil Spill test